Otavalo’s Hidden Gems (Part 3): Why you should visit this crumbling museum

Museo Otavalango backstrap weaving Otavalo Ecuador

Museo Otavalango Some people will tell you never to visit the same place twice. “The world is so big and life is so short, why waste time revisiting?” I don’t subscribe to that point of view at all. Life is so short – sometimes your time is better spent returning Continue Reading


Otavalo’s Hidden Gems (Part 2): Lagunas de Mojanda and Cuicocha

laguna de Cuicocha | Otavalo | Ecuador | hiking

First, apologies for the Spanglish in the title. I guess it should technically say either “(las) Lagunas de Mojanda y Cuicocha” or “Mojanda and Cuicocha Lakes”, but: this blog is in English, so I ruled the former out (maybe one day I’ll write something in Spanish so I won’t have Continue Reading

Experiments in teaching & cooking

Little victories in school (The school year has now ended, so I’m looking back on my 5-month teaching stint with the benefit of some hindsight.) The first and second graders were my most challenging class, because the first graders can’t really read or write. A previous volunteer very helpfully left flashcards Continue Reading

Birthdays, waterfall chasing and a reality check

A series of birthdays January has been a month of birthdays in the family. Anthony (the 11-year-old)’s was on 10 January, Kevin (the 3-year-old)’s was on 16 January, and then mine a couple of days later. For Anthony’s birthday we had sopa de gallina (chicken soup) with freshly caught chicken, Continue Reading