Goodbye (for now) to Otavalo and the Fiesta del Yamor

The Fiesta del Yamor (an indigenous harvest festival) is an annual festival held in Otavalo over the first two weeks of September. It draws tourists from all over Ecuador, and if you schedule your visit to Otavalo to coincide with it, you won’t regret it. The Pregón This year (2016), Continue Reading

Daytrips from Otavalo – San Rafael and the Parque Condor

For my final 2 days with Mundo Andino Spanish School, we visited the community of San Rafael and the Parque Condor. San Rafael San Rafael is a community about a 10-minute bus ride (which costs $0.30) away from Otavalo. It’s famous for its totora crafts. Incidentally, it’s also the community Continue Reading